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"The Wireless High Speed Solution"

Can't take dial up no more, neither could we - read on!

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How we got started ........ We'd had it with 'Dial up', which was about the only internet option available for rural communities in northern Alberta, and would be for some time to come. So, we did the research and leg work, and discovered the broadband solution.  With towers going up and equipment on the way, we were committed.  The next step, to see if there were others as frustrated as we were. And there was! So, abnorth.com was formed, as an alternative High Speed Internet Service Provider.

How it works ........ We distribute our own high speed service using a network of towers and home receivers. Our 250' main tower broadcasts a signal to our auxiliary towers, located around the Peace Country, which then sends a signal to a home receiver. Our system operates with Motorola equipment, which is designed just for this purpose.

"Connecting the Peace Country"  is our goal, so we are in the process of setting up more towers to increase our coverage area.  As we are based out of Grimshaw, Alberta, our signal broadcasts from there: East and South of Peace River, West to Moonshine Lake, South to Woking, North to Hawk Hills and everywhere in between.